What if GOD saw the world through you?

Does GOD feel pain the size of a mountain when HE looks at the world through your eyes or is it that the mountain is being moved with the faith like a Mustard seed – planted in your heart? Does GOD vex the word when GOD comes to the world through you or does the world vex you because it is GOD who flourishes through you? Does heaven know the road to your heart because it's been there so many times that it almost lives there or do angels have to stop and ask where to go though in order to get through to you?


But in this case of repercussions – which our choices present – there's this one thing I must reiterate because it seems you’ve not been listening. I'll say this slowly in hopes that sarcasm doesn’t get in the way. We are a preacher and not a performer and certainly not a perfumer. Our audience is GOD. What others get is what GOD GIVES.


19 yes we know that there is pain in the world and there are burdens that are felt but it is GOD who embellishes our followership with strength to overcome the pain of yokes 20 for HIS yoke is light and burden without regret 21 and the burden which we bear is but a testament to the suffering of JESUS 22 in us, we have the work of GOD working for us and through us 23 in GOD’s presence our woes on earth - which must come - would be unto us like days though they be the length of years

To the shape of GOD

To all the shapes and sizes of GOD made in HIS image
To all evil, vile as a veil separating us from GOD
To GOD calling our switched off hearts and to voicemail prayer-lines.
To all the unknown sins that GOD must forgive us for not knowing
To knowing everything because GOD made sure of that
To all the times we've grieved GOD By lowering the volume of HIS voice in us
To all the mistakes we've made tying to edit the stories of us which GOD HAS written
To all the plot-twists of our lives that GOD laughs over

Recognising “GOD” in the crowd

Peace, the devil is equally praying, the devil is casting out demons...well asking them to lay low for a while - at least. The devil is also speaking in new languages and groaning and drowning in the waves of ambition and admiration. CONFLICT says the devil cut its horn, trimmed its tail and is eating elegantly with his pitchfork and a butcher's s it borrowed on the way from hell.

A con-man without the con 4

In being children of GOD, we must suffer reproach and loss as long as it is to uphold the gain of GOD's perfect Will. I counsel that we always give peace as an answer to violence. It serves as a lesson to us that our zeal must not be allowed to consume us; in all we do, we should put in mind that we carry a covenant of salvation and redemption as a blessing to the earth