GOD’sBondMan: 36 [Revising Babel]

You cannot dig the feet of GOD to understand the eternity of GOD. You do not need the whole of GOD to see the weeding of GOD, to rake GOD or the wonder to see what makes GOD, GOD. You don't require a tower...


So while GOD speaks to you by everything, you should listen and respond by living. GOD would speak to you through silence, through absence, the pulse - without pause - in the rhythm of your beating heart, through space and boundless time, through hunger, skin and eyes that water the cheeks, through knees, bent or from stances, through anything and through everything.

GOD’sBondMan: 34 [COMFORT]

It is by grace that we are aware of the race and it is by the knowledge of the place of God that we can Finish Our journey to trace the footsteps back to the life of peace. It is not by the power of boasting or upsurping that we overcome, it is by the testimony of the nature of God which we follow and the divine grace to do so, without weavering in doubt.

GOD’sBondMan: 33 [POPULAR]

To be on the side of GOD, is to be broken from inside out, to be woken from the inside and out of the great slumber of the world. To be a channel of heaven upon the earth, you must be ready to be opposed, be prepared to be up and positioned on the pinnacle of shame. You shall be persecuted, you shall be ridiculed, you would not fit in, you would be a misfit


We were born in a time when our one problem was having so much to decide from. It also means we got to know a lot was wrong and it was a song which was sung for so long, I bet you that you still remember the sound of morality before every deed and this is coupled with the promise of the Creator to write the law in our hearts. The moral code is painted on the walls of our judgment and mind; so yes, most of our sins are very much consciously committed


You fret because the Salvation looks too clean for swine, too perfect for flawed beings, too immerse for the simple mind, too holy for the one who draws meaning from unholiness. You are fretful that this change would not last, that the redemption cannot be redeemed, that for every motion to rise above the filth, there is a depth of death that calls you back with the face of pleasure.


There can be no other exaltation as greatly machined as this: that GOD should be reiterated in creation and done so by a repetition in flesh. GOD'sBondMan is the actualisation of this, the process to the actualisation. The goal is to repeat GOD upon the earth, to echo GOD's voice, to "as it is in heaven" so do "upon the earth".


You should embrace the waters from heaven and earth as they come. The pain from memories as they come, the hurt from memories as they go, the hate from a differed-hope – as it is healing.