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GOD’sBondMan: Ten [Blame]

Let's blame the prostitute for seduction or the desolate for being desolate. Let's blame the conquered for being conquered for allowing conquest get the better of them; let's blame repute and the predator lifestyle since survival picks whomever it deems worthy to save

GOD’sBondMan: Nine [Submission]

The goal is to bear witness to truth that there is solid weakness in the lie. The goal is to hold truth by the hand and see to it that it is guarded; for Truth protects its own. The goal is to own the ambience of truth and if it hurts the person or the ego because flesh is feeble, it is for the better

GOD’sBondMan: Eight [Naked]

At the peak of our renaissance we are still in the depth. In our ugliness, we are beautiful but only in the refraction of the truth which is that our beauty is not determined by what we see but what can be seen when our eyes are sealed and singled to our origin. Our beauty is light and only a singled eye can adopt light as sight. Needless to say there can be sight in darkness; do not be deceived by its wonder

GOD’sBondMan: Seven [Rest]

The goal is never to say, “you are worthless” but to point out the worth and the true worth of fulfilment which is found in the restitution to the pure order of living which is by loving GOD.

GOD’sBondMan: Six [Self]

It is only self who knows how to fight GOD where it hurts. Who knows what to do to poke GOD in the eye and attempt to rubbish the vision of eternity. Who sees levity where there should be loyalty and who erupts strife against the life of GOD. This is the enemy.

GOD’sBondMan: Five [Order]

And light, being the breath of GOD is the life of the bondman of GOD’s; therefore, the absence of this light is the presence of death by separation and destruction. This light is fueled by order: the sequence of that which is right and rightly done.

How many

How many "Lord forgive me"s Can turn sinner to saint?

GOD’sBondMan: Four [Thought]

For GOD prays not out of request (or debase divinity) but to command into being that which was nothing and void and formless. That ageless mechanism to converse with the uncreated until it is created, is the prayer which GOD prays.