Let us tell the Levite…

THERE ARE THOSE WHO ARE BORN TO BE ORDAINED AND THOSE WHO ARE ORDAINED TO BE BORN. Predestination makes himself evident in the affairs of human tides so while destiny is our present, destination is what is to come – and willingly would come. To this, we must remember that there must be a bridge to connect them all till the beginning of ends approach. Let us tell the Levites to remain mediators between times for they are in tuned with those entities which connect times and times again.

Let us tell the Levite to be sacrificial because this saves. Humanity fell before its ascension and it is by blood that it shall be reduced; for it is only by righteous blood that humanity can ascend. The Levite should be a convener unto salvation; a vector to the ‘disease’ of Holiness against the levity of sin. To dabble with the sanctity of blood, the Levite must be cleansed first before cleansing. The Levite should not save souls without a saved soul; let us remind them to rest on the cleanliness of God’s Holiness.

Let us tell the Levite to preserve the truth; for the pillars of existence are because truth is and if there be no truth, there is no reward and no judgement; no existence – be it in life or in death. The Levite must establish this source of being; must hold her; must dwell with her and sustain her wounds when wars of lies rage. But the Levite must be drenched in it to protect it; the Levite must know before a defence so let us tell the Levite to become of the truth.

Let us tell the Levite to curate love; knowing that true love is not always mutual. Love is a soldier who kills to give life but to kill ideals unworthy. The Levite must abstain to protect love. True love rewards by martyrdom; love also dies to give life (consider the Messiah). The Levite must love and abstain that love may breathe even without a mutual reward.

Let us tell the Levite that they cannot run from their maker nor can they run from themselves – images of their creator. If any possesses the blood of any such as the ordained ones: of Aaron, or Eli or of Samuel even the bloodline of David, they cannot make their own lives save by the guidance of their predestination. So let us tell the Levite that though their talent(s) tend(s) to drift them away, they should remain; though they wish to evade.

Let us tell the Levite to know their authority; to know their place; to know their character and name. The identity of the Levite is their sanctity which further births their sanity. The Levite may fail more than would be expected but we must remind them to fail so that they may succeed. Let us tell the Levite to know that their authority is in the name of the Al-Mighty. Therefore, let them know Him more and lean not on their own will and prowess.

Finally, the Levite is a marker in history thus this sacred flame can’t be hid nor put out. If the Levite deviates in the sight of the maker, they cease to exist; but the Levite is neither immortal nor perfect in their ways. The Levite is however not unequally immune and must strive like others, even more than others would. The Levite should know that they are not the least protected and not the most attacked. Without speculation, the Levite has no leeway to falter but to succeed the Levite must be and be willing to be.

Upon the ascension of the Christ, we were all ordained adopted ones to become relatives of the eternal high priest. We are royal, members of a high place Priesthood and order and these words are for all: to those who believe and shall believe; to those who confess to surrender and shall confess.

to be and to exceedingly be
to be and to exceedingly be

So let us tell the Levites – ourselves – to be and to exceedingly be; not to take the hands off the plough but to cloth the heart with fine linen and worship without levity for this is its own ascension. So let us tell the Levite about ascension.


photo credit: Daniel Taylor

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