Dear Dad #3

1:22 PM

Dear Dad,

I’ve always wondered why you’re so smart and what makes you smart; Not that I am not smart but you confuse me a lot. You say you love me but I really don’t seem to understand your love. How do you define love: silence, inaction, a slobber, a slippery hug? Maybe I’m too young to understand love (or you). I guess you are different; I remember one time when we both looked at a tree once but I wondered if we saw the same thing. Because you caught it down for a lemonade stall. Now I am thankful I own a lemonade stall but I guess you misinterpreted me saying, “I love this spot”.

The day we went to the beach, mom didn’t let me enter the water. I was upset and you told me I seek beauty in the wrong places. I wondered what that meant then you built a pool. Today I’m fascinated by the point where the sea and horizon kiss as the sun sets.

I waged war against distance and time. I ran off to boarding school with the thought of being independent. Mom didn’t want me to leave but you smiled and even packed my bag for me. We parted with a whisper from you saying “see you soon”. I was a little confused and thought you were a little lukewarm. After spending a year in boarding school, I ran back home. You gave a soft smile and said “I’ve been waiting for you”. I cried like a little girl, well I am your little girl. I hated boarding school and you let me go, just to remind me of how much I love you.

I would question your way of doing things but I think I’m fine with it.


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