Dear Dad #4


Dear Dad,

I miss you. I tell myself I’m better off alone, and I’ll be stronger when I’m independent. But I really can’t imagine life without you.I have imagined it,its not worth talking about.

I spend a lot of my time thinking. .. well… worrying actually. You always tell me not to worry but we both know that’s impossible for me.

I know you’re far… really far. But I think you’re close enough. Well… I made black braids and I added coloured pins… I got a teal coloured nail polish and found out it was too bright for my skin tone…lets not go there.

Today I took off my jeans and felt so relieved… it was extremely tight… I lined my eyes just to enhance my look but by the time I went back to the mirror. .. it was all gone… I probably robbed it off then I was pouncing on my brother. .. I guess stuff like that ain’t for me.

For the first time I figured that my brothers shirt didn’t seem soothing. .. and may be I should have worn I peplum top or a vintage gown…Well… it finally hit me… now I know that you are not bothered by my looks, actions or inactions… all you wanna know is that I’m okay. Well dad… I have been through all sorts… toothache, headache, poor decisions, crazy and amazing moments but the highlight of everything is that I’ve got you… and that’s the truth I’m sure of.



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