You! Who whispers soft words to me at night and leaves me in the morning

You! Who I pay to bath

You! Who makes me clap to your performance

You! Who I live to kill

You! Who kills to live

You have the best way of taking from me

You have the worst way of impacting me

So tiny, yet a peck from you is all it takes

So tiny, yet your impact to life is enormous

So tiny, yet I cage myself from you in nets

So tiny, yet nations wage war against you

The party is set….

Ground pools, standing water

Catch basins, clogged gutter

Rain barrels, neglected ditches

Unattended bird-feeders, organic waste

Dinner is served….

A warm blooded toddler,

An ignorant mother,

An illiterate father,

An educated human who isn’t educated enough….


KORMBAT is a spoken-word artiste; refers to himself as a misfit and God lover. He lives in Lagos and can be reached on instagram, snapchat and facebook.

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