DISCORD IN EDEN by Osibote Andrew

This poem was first published on poet’s blog


Parents they say
Are meant to train up their kids
In the way that is just,
Expose them to the world
While shielding them from the evil within-

The father, the pillar of the home
The mother, the keeper of the home

Baba ni jigi
Baba has crumbled
And the opa of Orunmila stolen;
What then holds the family together?

Iya ni wura
Her golden eyes opened to the sins of the father
Baba’s eyes opened to the faults of the mother
As their love finite fades away-

They bicker like the Keeper and Hera
who in the beginning of time warred
until love drifted away from them
leaving a void in their hearts;
a veiling of their souls that kept them apart.

Now Father is sealed away (in the void)
To be afflicted by his sins
And the mother no longer able
To stomach the sight of her children-
for they remind her of Father!

So the children driven to rebuild
Cause a tear in the veil
Between both worlds
To release their father

And to make whole
that which is broken.

Osibote Andrew O. is a 300 level Accounting student in Babcock University, a lover of  poetry. He can be reached on andrewosibote@gmail.com and runs the blog poecticmotives.blogspot.com

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