Having Mercy #2 by Okuwoga Eyimofe

Dear Mercy,

Today was better than any other day I’ve ever spent with you aside that of the show. It may have been nothing special to you or anyone else but it was a big step for me in betraying my friend -Yinka.


I am sitting down today, unlike the last time I wrote you, lying down. I was drowned in the discussion I was having with my roommates before the thought of you flashed upon my inner eye. You know some of this, but I feel better telling you. I remember very early in the morning when we came for the lecture and the lecturer wasn’t around. I was standing under the fan because I was sweating. (I always forget my handkerchief). Standing under the fan was my plot to wait for you…where were you again? Oh yes outside. Silly as it was; i pretended i hadn’t seen you went you walked through the door.


So when you called me to greet me, there was a certain rush of joy in my soul: When you stretched your hugged me and, when I grabbed you tightly to myself. I felt I was gradually filling the outline of my shadows, that my image was actually replacing the silhouette. I felt your bosom and your arms around my shoulder drop all the way to my back. I wanted it to be a eternity.


So today as I write this, I am happy because I accomplished my mission of killing space; I am a step closer to betraying my friend. How happy it is to betray a friend; I choose love over friendship. (what’s the difference?)



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