Domestic Violence by Wale Ibiyemi

Posted as received.   Mother is limping; a guerdon Of her encounter with Bash Ali, Our father; the embattled one. All lizards lie on their stomachs; We don't know which one Has stomachache. We are men, we are strong Let us beat our wives to prove it! Mon amour, my heartbeat How dare you talk … Continue reading Domestic Violence by Wale Ibiyemi


Forgetting playful Lebanese bike-riders and money sucking warehouses; money stalking warehouses. Forgetting about semi-nude women who plead guilty to nudity proudly on the charges of fashion and vogue with young adults loving the trend of kneevage-showcase which is simply parallel to four-year event that reveals the shocking price we pay to get sold - the common beauty in paradoxes of fishes dying while trying to feed.