Having Mercy #4 by Okuwoga Eyimofe

Dear Mercy,

So, I found out that it was a mere crush – a better sounding name for teenage love infatuation. It wasn’t love at all. I remember being told that love never dies and it’s not jealous. I tried to relate the way I felt to the way my parents felt for each other. For a moment, I thought they expressed their love in ‘old school’. But old’s cool you know…

The way I felt around you – the fact that I always wanted your body to touch mine, I discovered was not love. I would come up with a suitable name for it but at least, I have discovered the name it isn’t.

So, now that you have broken your relationship with Yinka, I know you are expecting me to run into the comfort of your arms as I hoped you would seek comfort in mine. I write to tell you that all emotions for you are used up, now waste and discarded. I wouldn’t want to sound harsh or think you cared, but I want you to know that your plan B is not possible. It would never be.

I have decided to keep my hands clenched, mind open, heart locked till I find wedlock.

Mine patiently,


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