Why try to be Beautiful?

Why? But why not?! At birth, we were like French mimes. Monochrome and speechless. The world shocked us to tears, that is a stage. Then we became beautiful when we ceased to be speechless.

      Beautiful art thou when thou expresses thyself.

But is that all: Become beautiful to express or express to become beautiful? Barely adequate, you know… Why bother being beautiful? Simple. We try to be beautiful to gain meaning, to express our thoughts, to become us. The beautiful is the expressive, even in the absence of conventional expressions. So I try to be beautiful to fill myself with colour, with life, with a course, with hope, with faith, with meaning, with…an endless bucket list checked-out. Why try to be beautiful? But why not anyway; after all, beauty is not really a choice but there are choices in beauty.

UP-NEXT is How are the beautiful?

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