What is Prayer? Simple question: Prayer is hot but recently, its gone cold, buried (not because it doesn’t happen but it doesn’t occur the way it should). The first step to miss the value of prayer is to communize its essence: Adulterate its potency, subjugate its purpose to a self -designed intention. Prayer is not a prey, yeah? Neither should it be a predator of some sort; but it should plead more than it pleases. Prayer is an institution, a covenant, a mark of belief and the result of a faith. Prayer is how you mock the natural limits by perching on the Divine WILL. Prayer is everywhere: In breathing, in walking, in speaking and in the split moments of understanding how birds fly or fishes swim. However, prayer is personal; it is a frequency, a radio to a concept greater than the Prayer (the supplicant). Nonetheless, prayer is the person; by simply living the acts of one’s prayer. Prayer has no limit except to the truth of it. What is Prayer again? Prayer is not just how we communicate with Divinity or higher humanity but how we live…prayer is life.

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