​Where should Preyer be?

Preyer should never be: Not in a location or a vocation. But prayer should be where the air is, alone. Prayer shouldn’t be pop-culture, an artifact of religion or the map for the criteria of godliness. The truth is, prayer… is godliness. Prayer is the motion from an  unanswered mandate to an onanswered one. Prayer is the boundary between the good deeds and the good dues; where we Pray must have God, call God, be for God, be God’s. Prayer must be in the heart first, not as a test of the immortal’s faithfulness but a revelation of holiness. Prayer is where intentions are; not the actions yet…prayer locates the Prayer (supplicant) for not all know how to pray; no one knows how to pray, we are taught how to pray at the moment when we pray. The Prayer (supplicant) should be unaware of the environment. Where we pray, there is no prey. Prayer doesn’t stay where the corrupt lie comfortably. So if there should be prayer, there should be silence; silence to our desires, our needs and our images. Prayer should be where the answerer wishes, at His Mercy, in His Will and more than unusual, in our hearts which we should thread into His – God’s.

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