3G LFE: Greatly Grated Gratitude

​Greetings, O Gratitude!

GRATITUDE is off (I mean off)  present tension, post-paid pension and the core of rewarding. Gratitude is about rewards, or gratuity, but not sorely to reception alone. The necessity of GRATITUDE is in intention, the commodity for promise(s) spent, kept. Gratitude is a machination – no doubt – of self -represented thoughts; it is reaction, a planted seed for great(er) harvest or a grated one in her absence. Gratitude is pulchritude, my father describes it her as the attitude to ‘giving thanks’, the altitude of thanksgiving itself. Gratitude is a flower bunch of unspoken words, spoken; well-spoken of, but least explained; clouded by opinionated bliss. I greet her because she is Open-strangeness:  a budget commitment, an after-thought of inaction. She happens (to fall) on the first to the last items (not first-to-the-last) on the menu of time and good living. She is acceptance and perfection even in alterations. She is a general peculiarity and this is why I greet her first; before an eloped memory occurs.

Up Next: Generating Gratitude

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