3G LFE: Greatly Grated Gratitude II


It is not difficult but it can be easily missed; a misplaced cologne of communication and a bypassed Lego-house from a children playground. The generation of gratitude is generally a tear-filled, joy-mixed (not joy-missed) experience. So how can one be grateful, how may gratitude occur? Finitely, a gift. But its better defined in opposites: a filth-ridden life, an ignored command, man expressing war with mind and body, a Divine protest where with the host of truth is threatened, a hungry soul, an evil diet where weevil(s) die yet no food. Generating Gratitude is a great burden to the soul who has no understanding but gratitude is spiritual not solely the prayer on sacred pews, the rebuttal of a harvest’s bounty or the service for an owed loan. Gratitude is also in a sacrifice of wits, the appreciation of onliness, the circumcision of the heart wherewith the self(ish) notion is caged for the greater or grated (shall be explained subsequently) good of the soul’s eternal reign. To generate gratitude requires a code; a portal which is a secret pass only you can understand. Generating Gratitude is like preparing for a tryst, one with a beautiful bird trapped by a crafty Hunter. It requires a scope of lack, a missing rib and a need tired of being a vacuum. Gratitude is generated when summer floors move and rains vanish. Gratitude is not a means of provision but a plot-near-companion. Gratitude may not be rewarded, re-worded or rewound but it is a judgement of sound reasoning and this is what it takes to create a generation with gratitude as a life.

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