​Do you remember how the riddles go, how they tell it where I come from? It is a spectrum of self-declaration; like so:

I am something, I come down but never go up what am I?

I am rain!
So dear riddles,


I am something…when you break me I multiply; what am hIgh?

HIGH ON SOMETHING,  when I see darkness, I am enlightened, dot am I?

Hi, am something…when you deny me, I GrOw stronger, worth am I?

LIe am something, when I am forgotten, I linger in memory, hot am I?

Buy am something, when you steal from me, I remain still; but am I…?

Bhai, am something, when you loose me, I am present; caught am I?

I am some thin, when I am f@ I am full of a good heart, butt am I?

My yam something, if I fill you, I wouldn’t be empty, naught am I?

I am something when nothing, what (really) am I?

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