​Take one, two…Now action! 

Sin comes from debris of thoughts, bits of segmented unholy and unwholesome pixels. Sin is a puzzle, pieced together from diverse places. Sin looks powerful when you cannot account for how it became itself, but that’s all about it, looks… Sin is a script, it is a movie, a series…series of movements by skin; flesh, trying to remain fleshy; starvation of the soul. Sin is a fervent set with the absence of God. God does not direct sin but sin is a blockbuster. A profit-making release with a premier ownership of the finest form of godliness.

Sin is a stage play, watched by everyone but the actor.

It is implicative, affective, with a trapdoor only the audience can see. Sin is magic, that’s all, magic. Magic profits all but its gain. Sin sacrifices nothing but the dinner. Sin is a feast, a feat of pain to the greatest pleasures. Sin wears a mask, a nice face else it wouldn’t be famous. Yes, sin is famous, trendy, fashionable. Sometimes sin is fashion, culture and sin. But sin is hungry, makes its fans -sinners – hungry so that even in plenty, there is plenty to be filled. Now,  this is the montague of the movie.

“Cut! Let’s take five”

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