JESUS: Before GOD and man – Preview

…And referring to Jesus, who was God, yet he prayed. Per chance in the greatest of all human agony. Blood and sweat were mixed in a service of songs till concrete requests were addressed. 

God, dressed as man, bore the pain of man as man. 

The paradox was unorthodox yet a promise was set for the race, to perhaps evoke grace. The highest motif was to nationalize the human race into God’s-Race: Grace. The fourth temptation was set by self, the belief in feebleness OVER faith, left the heart speculating the fate of a mission impossible. The fourth temptation was doubt.

Thou art man, know thyself. 

Yet in buoyant minutes between leaves of denial, Man challenged God to a test, first time mortality looked upon the unseen.

“Not my will but yours be done”. 

He envisioned as the flesh was torn, marking the final defeat of the lusts of the flesh: to be lost forever. The panting was bruised and blood covered his vision to a stagger, the lust of the eyes were dismantled and upon this skin, newness wore a mantle. 

In this grief, grief grieved as joy was enjoined, till the soul enjoyed every bit of the shame.

In reverse turns, he spoke appraisals to God. God and man met by hands of God, outstretched. A signature of worship was signed, a recording deal was asserted but it seemed His praise had no rhythm to raise his supplication but in the mask of disorder, the other part of His essence: His presence spoke a better plea than Abel’s blood. 

God didn’t sound good to man but neither did crucifixion, even Satan, for the first time was out of the loop and found no loop-hole until God recovered the dominion he stole from the beginning Of human times. 

This testimony smelt like the blood of God, spilt on wood: crossed by the incense of burnt sacrifices.

And soon, first hand, God spoke to God in words only eternity could interpret. As the jury of mercy and love filed in favour of a rhythmless lesser God: man. This sentence is well punctuated until a period of rapture, where all words and wards of God would be taken home from this school: earth; where we have learnt how Abba was and is our measure of love


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