JESUS: Before GOD and man I

​And God, snared, by his love for himself – his nature – in man, thought it wise and through it twice to savage the savage generation, his own, from the known which must become unknown. 

Jesus (coming in the name of the Father), was the finest knight of all the heavens; fell to the state of the fallen to save the estate of the souls of all who fall yet recognize Him and believe.  

Heaven’s investment was vested with the burden to take  back that which was stolen. Not to steal from the thief but reclaim. 

No law was broken, no border violated yet God met man…woman and Mary found grace before God. She was singled among other single ladies pure and dependent on God. Even before the ring was put on it, she was put in a ring to fight for the truth. Heaven proved the reality and the truth apart and forgiveness was served before doubt could sit. 
Joseph, no more than a dreamer questioned if this was a dream. A pregnant virgin? But even signs and science was dumbfounded for heaven was found within the womb of a mortal. Mary bore the glory of all authority – to be – within. Waiting on the Messiah? With the weight in on hope, she replaced uncertainty with the first belief in God.  Apparently, the kingdom of God was within her.
Yet with God – within – was pain, the agony of being fought for the light being sought. No hardship was censored, no census made it easier but night fell in homage as a king suffered not himself to be found in the root of all humble beginnings. Sheep watched their shepherd born and horses galoped in joy. 

It was the privilege to behold the creator in flesh. Flesh and blood could not comprehend but the simple minded believed. So,  too, shepeherds were the first news-casters while casting their flock by night on the hill. The green grass glowed when angels peeped at the earth with a new mission:

 “Shout for joy!”
And an orchestra assembled to herald the orchestration of salvation from birth. 

Hold on! Placed before God, was man and peace had arrived. A truce would be staged forever; and solemnly, the body in which the begotten son of God dwelt rested in peace, asleep.

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