Jesus: Before God and Man II

It proved light and darkness can never truce, his birth, it proved it all. That light which lighteth all men bore witness that its source had arrived the earth.

A glitter which the sky wasn’t familiar with flushed the night’s darkness and changed the course of stars, gazed.

Stargazing felt an earthquake, skyquaked with a new light and wise men sort its source.

Prophecy and divination for once spoke the truth without echoing: behold the king of the Jews.

Excuse me, please, the king of the world, of the living and dead too. Herod was disgraced at foreign attention seeking manger-mysteries mounted miles-deep into his kingdom. The coward fled from light or how else to explain the hesitation to seek his creator too. Pride led to being ditched (for now, I’ll skip him too).

They brought him gifts, each, a symbol of a tradition, a segment of life worshipping. For the king, for the healer and for the judge. If only the world was as wise…the puzzle was not too scattered to be pieced together: God was breathing as man.

Nevertheless, Herod thought it was a game for thrones that a baby would seek his throne.

If only he knew that he was merely keeping it warm on earth. He plunged into his kingdom, killing the future of it in search of his own redemption. God proved man weaker than man knew and every sword killed the wrong babe. Blood soaked the earth and a sacrifice which had no receiver was made. Abel saw his fellow kinsmen slaughtered and they all cried out.

With an entourage of angels slow and steadily protected, God visited Africa.

Upon the shores of Egypt, Jesus before man was protected and before God was connected.

The paradox was greater as the source of Israel’s salvation went back to Egypt.

But if this was the price for paradise to be given, God and man paid to…

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