Jesus: Before God and Man IV

These Pharisees, well they apparently saw far enough, into the sky maybe. Waiting for the Messiah, the anointed one whose eminence would liberate them. Liberate them from the Romans, sadly, they needed to be liberated from themselves first. And John, was right. The man who smelt like wild honey and animal skin but spoke about cleansing from sins by baptism. He was right. They were an accursed generation. 

The truth was and is that the messiah was God. He was man too and before God and man He had been. A few had seen him: Simeon who stood before the gates of death waiting to behold him. The prophetess too, Anna, who proclaimed without minsing words. They had seen God in the flesh, the incorruptible quickening spirit who, like the first Adam, bore the creed of creating a new order. 

But to those who walk by sight and not by faith, those who see only as far as they can, there was no messiah, yet. As long as there were no angelic legions dropping from the sky like rain to destroy the reigns of the Caeser and his cohorts. No one expected the Messiah to be a peaceful person, let alone, the Prince of peace. Worst still from Nazareth, the first question was:

Where is this Nazareth we speak of?

Anyway, this Carpenter was now a preacher who loved the fifth book of the Torah. No telling what to expect; he seemingly didn’t stand out much except for the counternance of peace and the wisdom from heaven to earth. 

And when John, the Baptist, beheld God wearing the skin of man, he proclaimed and prophecied about the one who would take away all sin, well the power of it at first glance. Within him he struggled: who was he to emmence the Christ for repentance.

Sir, i am not worthy. Not even to touch your shoe-lace or walk in your shadow.

But you see, “righteousness is righteousness is righteousness”. No law was broken, no border trespassed. And him in the glory of all the heaven, died in the waters of Jordan, further taking hold of the flesh and the nature of the fallen. In his resurrection, heaven witnessed and an envoy of the most holy spirit rested on Jesus as a declaration to clear all doubts. 

Behold men, God walks among you

This love to associate with sins and create a bond to save those in dire need of being saved. These Pharisees speculated, could this be or be this could? Their resolve was certain: the Messiah is a warrior to save…

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