Jesus: Before God and Man V

…and not a man asking to be baptized. Nevertheless, God’s wisdom is foolishness to man. In fact, the means by which our understanding is made simple into shame.

But this spirit of truth guided Jesus into the wilderness a treacherous abode of the lost and forgotten. And JESUS fasted in spirit and flesh and was afterwards hungry. Famished beyond human constraints. In that want to make the man in his unity weak and wounded. Yet by the stripe of comfort in the mission ahead, he was healed. The tempter was late…at a dead end and wrong. 

Turn your abilities to a success story

He hoped to dissuade the ultimate goal by bread but bred in God as Jesus was the filling in the words of Power and strength. 

This man shall not live by the physical need to succeed but by the approved instruction of God. Jesus was not willing to separate God from man, not here and not ever.

The tempter was patient, a skill he learnt from his creator (another day; another story). He asked yet again: 
Go into the high places and set down your peace. Become as the wind and dare God to be God…if He is God…
Jesus was the light to all understand who knew whence the tempter came and must go. You should never dare God or enqure if He is…to speculate the existence of God is to speculate the existence of self. Tempt not Your God, oh man. Again, God and man won a victory together.
The tempter was weary and with no time to wander. It seemed the more He tried, the more this trial ruled in favour of the union of God and man: Jesus. The tempter could not put asunder what Jesus had become. So he unveiled himself. Naked before Jesus, he showed the bliss of the world and all that was. The fraudster was willing to give all to have even more. 

Bow down and worship…

This bargain was a bar too high for him to gain. And as Joseph stood before Potiphar’s wife so too Jesus before the Tempter. 

How can i do this great wickedness against God and unto man. Be gone! Incomplete light:darkness.

Defeat is sore and being placed under the feet of God and man, Satan was rebuked and the devil left him to be in peace. The Prince of peace won, as always. Three temptation proved too little but the patent-right to humanity was bought back, the ministry to set free and make free was free to mount its wings. Angels descended to earth, not to war but to join in the peace-keeping force.

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