Jesus: Before GOD and Man VI

​A prophet is not known in his village. 

Forget prophet, Jesus was the prophecy, fulfilled. Even those who were in darkness could finally see because light had come to the world…Jesus was in the world. He preached too, “leave darkness and follow me”…Well it was more like, “repent for the kingdom of God is at hand”. 

The kingdom was near and within them, walking like man would. 

And referring to healing, Jesus made a statement so that the whole region of Syria knew something good had begun, a movement, a course but little did they know how important. That a seed sown in the region of Palestine would save the world from the doom it was threaded upon. 

Jesus, before GOD and man, made a number of statements. For once, when he saw fishermen, he gave them a bountiful catch and more than just to catch their attention but that he could transform them from fishermen to fishers of men. This separation was one only a master of the renewal of the mind could perform. Simon was fretful, how such fortune could befall a man of great sin like himself.

Then again, how could a wretched world like ours play “host” to the creator of all things. 

No man who beholds God should turn away the same. John and James too, left their father, the family fortune and all the earthly possessions to follow a Nazarene. 

Without hypnosis, they surrendered all at the feet of Jesus, with no ulterior motives, they laid a sacrifice of themselves. 

Jesus, graceful in splendour did not appoint Scribes or the most-learned of the time as disciples but he began with fishers; started from the bottom of the chain of relevance, he picked the equivalent of twenty-first century…fishermen. No difference really.

He stooped low, conquering so that glory may always be to God and not to the intellect of men. 

He came to forgive sins, a power belonging only to God. Jesus before GOD was powerful but suffered the simplicity of his ordinance. And when he chose a publican, a cheat and a snitch to the Roman empire for a disciple, he asserted, “physician” as he was “came for the sick and not those who were ‘well‘”. The Pharisees as far as they were concerned had found  him a contender of wisdom. Jesus, before man was blameless and full of understanding, the grasp of all things that are.

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