​ A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

James 1:8 KJV

Sometimes, its easy to preach the truth…Sometimes mind you. Nevertheless, it is imperative to live in the truth. 

Sometimes, we preach Jesus and Him Crucified but battle to really believe. Not believe but REALLY believe. 

Sometimes we preach about love, makes it difficult to love. 

Sometimes, its easy to say, through the day and night but hard to do as we say. Sometimes we have a double minded orientation not for the bliss of perspective but the stance of contemplation. 

The question sometimes is “is this really…”? 

Beloved, the double minded being is unstable not just in one way but in all. To doubt an ideal without totality creates instability. Reckon the instability in life as a result of the double-minded orientation. 

Brother James, my good man, in this verse concludes that this orientation makes us unstable. Please, avoid being unstable.

Don’t help others and deny help for self. Don’t aid believe and not have it. 

Don’t dribble, pick one, do one. Profess GOD and REALLY mean your profession. GOD be praised!


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