But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed.

James 1:14 KJV 

GOD does not tempt HIS creatures, HIS creatures should needless tempt HIM not. GOD does not set us for judgement to condemnation as we tend to posit. Instead, it is our desires and thoughts which lead us on. 

For instance, if I desire fame: to be the greatest writer there would ever be in this generation. My mind is set towards this goal and my heart is open such that I could equally be manipulated by the enemy of my soul as I would be guided by GOD. I become a scale and it becomes my decision to swing to either side. If I am under pressure to pattern life towards the enemy’s way, it is because I am open to it. 

Our alliance(s) in life is a choice. Our temptations are as a result of our alliance(s). I am not tempted because God wills it so, I am tempted because I am drawn off course by my desires. I can keep up with the right alliance when I invite GOD to pilot my life and once HIS Grace governs me, temptation(s) can be conquered. 

GOD lives! 

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