Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

James 4:7 KJV 

The world is a dominion of its owner, the same guy that wanted a bow – or dab in adoration – from Jesus. The Prince of the air, god of this world, places under subjugation those who he pleases to do so. Wait a minute, that’s a headline from “before Jesus’ Resurrection”. 😥 thank GOD o. 

But that’s not enough. At times, we – even after tasting freedom in CHRIST – SUBJECT  ourselves to damnation under the devil. In wilful sinning and blatant disregard for God’s specific instructions to us (beyond 10 commandments). 

When we live off track from GOD, we sell ourselves into the Devil’s hands. Complete story: he is wandering in search of who to snare and we allow him to snare us. We do so by refusal to submit all to God. Surrendering to God is a “no surrender” campaign to the enemy. Classic paradox! 

Submit yourself to God and in doing so, when the wanderer comes your way, you Will resist Him by the overcoming-blood of JESUS and he will flee because then, God has got you. In case you forgot, you’ve been reminded! 


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