OpenDiary: Creation

​Everything has been made perfect such that there is no deviation from this beauty. So that even in the visible chaos, there is a sublime order that creates within destruction.

The creation would always create because the creator created creation. There is God even in the smog and the still sea bears witness. The planets racing without collision are a testimony to the assurance that God, the creator, is in control; thus the rhythm to which the universe dances to.

So the heart would beat to the rhythm which it plays; to that rhythm which the creator taught it to play. The clay – called skin – will grow as it must: in the mist, the furnace or even within the crust.

The universe will dance to the music which the universe plays and to the silent music which groans within every ounce of breath which we share and rear deep in the rare air of supplication.

There is a God, the GOD; and our choice to ignore that is not a choice at all, it a delusion

So the first day of my rebirth is the reiteration that there is God and He is mindful of all things great and small.

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