HE-LOVES-ME by Olatunde Obafemi 

HE led me through raging lions and tormenting seas but HE kept me, didn’t tempt me. HE preserved me, my voice and gave me a choice to become great or become late.

My crossroad was the cross, the truth was my guide but I was a visitor so I carried little. This world was not my own neither the bread which used to be stone. These trials and hard times, these battles, these wars which were waged within were not mine, anymore. 

I owned nothing but I owed nothing. HE was  my pilot, my greatest lot, my vault of treasury, my salt and armoury. With HIM, I overcame the mistake of lying to myself, with HIM I overcame the stakes of dying to myself. I died and resurrected only by HIS name sake. 

I bruised the heads of a hydra, even the snake which wielded the most abominable thing: sin. By HIS stripes I was healed but as HIS scribe my joy was sealed. This beginning smelt like the air was exhaled by tongues of fire, breaths of old beliefs broken because HE loves me.

I love HIM too, Jesus the CHRIST 


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