Letters to Encourage Tunde II by Lari Atni

Dear ‘Tunde,

We would find God in our silence, in the silence. At the Point where men fail or where it appears they succeed. You’ll find HIM walking in the peace of dancing trees and upon the sober face of the mountain wind. You’ll find Him in the market square, the jestars’ fun fair or in your closet. You’ll find Him everywhere if You know how He looks like. No man has seen God  but we can remember how He comes to us. For me, He comes in a rumble of thoughts for you maybe, he’ll come in your poetry: Using you to speak to you. He’ll come as an angel, a bus driver or youll find Him some steps away from a cursing mother. My point is, do not miss him when he comes. Be sensitive to every moment but be willing to let His Will be done. Remember its all about God, the day its not, then it’s naught. be Good.

From Lari Atni

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