Letters to Encourage Tunde by Lari Atni

Dear ‘Tunde,

In those moments when you want to be strong for others don’t forget to tell them that you were weak. That you can’t be strong without overcoming weakness; that its all a phase and it has no true end. Tell them, the strongest person is weakest when they forget that they were taken out of the weakness for a purpose. Don’t forget to let them know the truth: that even when you are strong, here, you are weak there and maybe here sometimes. Explain that strength is a part of time and so is weakness. Tell them “you, ‘Tunde,  would know” because you are weak but by God, you are strong. Tell them its not meant to make sense, now, but it will when God deems fit so advice that they have patience and wait for Him just as He waits for them to always wait on Him.
From Lari Atni

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