‘to GOD’, WUSE.

Brother, why bother about GOD?

Why? And then, I ask, “why not?” For by GOD is the making that makes me and this making makes all things, by GOD is all and this is why. Furthermore, to dismiss this is to be nothing, naught, the mere assemblage off GOD is of no repute in the essence of being. Essence, mind you, not pretense. Therefore, why shall I be naught when I shall be if I denounce the root of the hair that stems upon my skin or the acre of breath that fills my lungs or the answer to the mystery of my formation in the womb or the miracle of my living? Why bother about GOD? Again, I ask, “why not”? Why blot the cord from me to the source? Because to bother about anything else is to bother a-miss for to bother about GOD is to bother about everything seeing that GOD is…everything. For GOD is everything, yea, GOD is the solution to everything, too. I bother about GOD and so I bother about everything. Yet, ‘bothering’ is not worrying but insight and working in the sight of GOD.

-adjusts his mic-

Brother, why bother GOD?

Untrue! I don’t bother GOD except by bothering you mean to burrow into HIS Heart and to tap into the glow of HIS Soul and flow into HIS thread, sown. Uhmmm, perhaps you are right for burrowing is to mine deep inside of GOD, to claim HIS Ideals as mine and this I throb to do: to be in the side of GOD. But ‘to bother’ is to ‘pant after’ and this I do, too: to pant and go after the ONE who is the beat of my heart.

-exhales deeply-

Brother, I bother GOD because there is no other to bother, no other worth been bothered. And I do so because there is no boarder of defense broader enough than that which I gain when I ‘bother’ GOD.

Brother, why GOD?

I don’t know. you see, in the discourse of GOD. It is best to not know so one may be filled with the knowing which is far greater than that before now. But let me start by saying that life is a battle and by GOD is the battle fought. Actually GOD is the battle since GOD is life and ‘to battle’ is of the LORD yet to battle GOD is the irony of those who do not consent to HIS Position. To those who fight against GOD in their thoughts and the order of life have tailored their lives to battle the battle, itself. GOD is the strategy too, little wonder, HE does as HE wills: pulls down The Great Jericho Wall with shouting and separates the red sea with a whistling of heavens wind; how about GOD as man dying to give man life, JESUS. GOD is the blueprint, the map, the trial through the wilderness. Perhaps that is why: because through all these, GOD cannot be questioned because even to question is by GOD unless one becomes god unto self as opposed to the ideal nature of synergy.

Brother, while GOD?

Well, we have all been there…’while GOD’: while humans play GOD, we have eaten the fruit of the tree of good and evil and done so continuously. We have been the offspring of Adam, the slaves of sin. But personally, it has been beyond the eating of ungodliness, it has been the absence of appropriate worship. To be god-to-self in this context is to take up the authority of GOD in my life, to choose and to make my will paramount above every other thing. To please myself, to have ego surpass HIS goal for me. Truth be told, while being god and while GOD was silent, I wept secretly. Celebrated by day, decay by night but what did I learn? Never be god as GOD is the ONLY GOD; HE shall have no other but HIMSELF, no other not even the worshipper.


-scratches head-

The worshipper should not be worshipped or worship the wrongly-worshipped. For GOD when HIS is not GOD in your life, laughs at the calamity of self-ignorance. This is woeful.

Broader, please, wry GOD?

Did I mention that GOD, as a strategy, cannot be questioned? Even so, when HE wishes to show HIMSELF unto humans HE does as HE wills. HE did the same to Sarah for as she doubted the Word of GOD and laughed, GOD too, gave her request in the greatest mystery and laughed at her, Isaac. For in that moment she realized that GOD laughed at her doubt and she equally laughed at her past error in gratitude.

Are you sure?

Pardon my error in interpretation, if there is, but it did look as though GOD laughed at her laughter by giving her laughter…Isaac. Or about my case, I am, a mockery of those who tried to burn a star only to realize that for a star to be born, it must burn with chemical reactions which bring about the shine. Yes GOD is the irony, nevertheless, it is HIS prerogative to do as HE wills, thus, to question GOD is to in turn be prepared to behold self-folly.

-wipes sweaty forehead-

A board, awhile GOD…

On board GOD as a ship is a miracle, every breath from the deck is a beautiful masterpiece, checked by the standard of heaven. Every thought, through the Kingdom, is a perfect brush-stroke upon the canvas of aesthetics. On GOD, as a ship, is the greatest relationship to have. For GOD, upon a sail, is the wind of peace that moves to the tides of understanding.

I meant to ask what you learnt…

Oh…Well, the revelation of GOD is HIS Presence, HIS Face and it is by grace that I approached. When I did enter, aboard GOD and HIS Will, it was a thrill but I lost ‘me’. I lost ‘me’ unto HIM but it wasn’t loss: trading my imperfect essence for HIS prefect Presence. But HIS Presence is not in a building nor is it a temporary display of high-end physical connection. HIS Presence is the invisible confirmation of the visible movements of GOD. Yet if ‘church: the building’ is just the presence then we are afloat but not aboard GOD, we are on a life raft and our sail…sale (since life is market) is in jeopardy. I’ve learnt that when we don’t carry GOD within us or become the ark of HIS New Covenant, we swim in the ocean where we should sail aboard GOD… note the struggle and pain. You could be beside the ship but if you aren’t aboard the ship then you are alienated from the bliss of it.

-adjusts sitting posture-

Bother a while, GOD!

HE does, not awhile but always: as a father protects a child or the mother her babe. As a bird builds its nest and as sure as the air travels through the lungs and out. GOD does bother perhaps not bother as one who has no hope but as one who is the HOPE. GOD does reach out but do we remain to be reached? First Adam and Eve run away and now we are running perhaps not away but around. To encircle doesn’t mean to reach. GOD does bother if ‘bothering’ defines waiting and plotting, too, so that the creature returns to creation by decision. But do we bother too? Bother to see who HE is and what we should be unto HIM. ‘To God’ is a journey but it sets a responsibility to the quintessential human, too, that GOD, who is Spirit, seeks the need for the spiritual to surpass all other realms in the human. Sometimes I am guilty of forgetfulness but this is the reason of the journey, ‘to GOD’, to surrender the physical to the supremacy of the spiritual. For that which controls the spirit controls all yet if we don’t yield to HIM, HE would not strife with humans.

Ponder, the will of GOD.

I – like GOD – would not strive with humans too. For as GOD is, so I strive to be and this strife is all that I pant for. Yea, it is only GOD who can guide to be as HE wills that I be. On pondering and reckoning, I follow GOD for the same-reason as it is to obey and be as HE has created me to be. Shalom.

-stops looking at mirror-

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