“If Eve did not eat, no heat shall befall us”

The above is the contemporary lamentation of the seemingly and relatively progressive believer of the Creation Story. Howbeit, there is little responsibility thrust on those who now say that “the heat is because she did eat”.

Dear reader, I urge you to consider the high contemplation of the woman, (beautiful being made from man) – who is, too, man – as she beheld what seemed an explanation of the truth which the deception claimed that GOD hoarded.

Did Eve break the Edge...?
Did Eve break the Edge…?

Did Eve, mother of all life and living – I dare add, loving – break the edge willingly?

That, too, is left unanswered especially in the discourse of “cause or effect”.

Do we blame Eve, as did Adam her husband, and expect that worse does not befall us if we cast the fault to the first defaulter?

Is there a profit to forfeit the responsibility of owning the fall to the call that there was a High desire to, first, fulfil ourselves and then in doing so, be right with GOD?

Does GOD require your right or HIS Right?
Does GOD require your right or HIS Right?

Does GOD require “your right”, for you to be right or does it behove GOD not to be in GOD’s Right to be right…eous?

Yes😫, there are a lot of questions, and this quest is on: by reason of breaking the controversial block that if we, now, know that “to eat” is what causes the heat and yet “eat” just as the one we blame for that heat, we are the causes of the heat just as the Eve we accuse – both in our hearts and arts.

Welcome To the series: Matriarchs of June!

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