Whose whispers made the wind and whose blisters the earth? Whose veins are the roots of all trees and whose eyes are the sight of light? Who dances and there is creation? Who sings and there is cohesion?


Who “doesn’t make sense” but is the sense? Whose heart is the beat of the universe, the song? Who walks and there is no sound yet is the sound in the walking of men? Whose law is love or who is the invisible of all that is and is not but not naught?


Are you the one that stars blink about and the seas wash at your feet? Are you the ONE who can see through ALL living eyes and the one who sees through all living hearts, even the deep echoes of the thoughts and the hidden adoration of the soul?

I am

I’ve heard a lot about you; that all that ever is and shall be is about you. I’ve heard what I have been told and I know what I have seen and believed. I have believed because you have formed it so. You are form and from your form, you have formed all things. But who really are you?

I am…

Okay? Buy if I am to tell about you, what would I say? If there is a need to sentence you to a definition, what shall it be? If I am asked to ask for the meaning of you, what shall be your meaning and explanation? Who are you, I ask again?

I am that I am

You are who you are but who are you? Have you ever revealed yourself to someone without using that which they know? Have you taken a woman by the hand and shown her that which is greater than she can imagine? Have you made a man speechless and does this not bore you that in mining you, there is no bore to the infinite discoveries of who you are? Do you stutter out of lack of what to say or out of the immense well which is bottomless and endless since you have no end?

I am that…I am.

But who is the I am? Is the I am the creator whose beginning is not known because there is none? Is the I am the one whose silence is death and whose love is ever-nourishing. Is the I am like the flawed beauty of the skin or the presence which has dwelt in the future long before the past was gone? Is the I am the one without anything? Is the “I am” GOD, the nameless bearing of the universe?

I am that “I am”

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