I am going to teach my children that no man or woman can define YHWH. they can tell you about YHWH, a part of YHWH, a bite, a point, a shadow, a form, a means, an operation, a lash, a point again, the hem but they cannot define YHWH. Any man or woman who claims to ‘define’ YHWH, solely, has become the evil and yes, “flee from all evil, my children” I shall say. Flee!

For YHWH is not a man or woman and YHWH is not bound by gender. YHWH eats not nor doth YHWH require you to be. Now, YHWH could be a donkey to the farmer and a voice to the singer but “YHWH is…” If you don’t get the role of ellipses they insist that there is and are something(s) unsaid and possibly unknown that are. Nevertheless there are.

My children would learn to move to God. Why? So they can find out who GOD is.

Community soap makes community clean.

But don’t take your neighbours’ word for it, go and swipe for yourself, if you are made clean, then believe. No. This is not doubt, this is commitment and conviction. Doubt is refusing to affirm that the community soap cleanses even after it cleanses.

And no, my dear: YHWH is not a community soap… “YHWH is…”


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