I’ll teach my children to know how YHWH walks, how the voice of YHWH walks in the cool of their consciousness and how YHWH can play with sand when they play too.

YHWH, one time, used mud and made man. Well well well would you look at that.

I’ll teach them that YHWH knows everything including where they hide the biscuits in the house, the thoughts they hope they could forget and the secret desires. And no, I’m not taking about a trip to Disneyland or buying a toy car, I mean those deeper ones not necessarily the fear of voices in the dark. YHWH knows those ones too

I’ll let them know that YHWH is their first protector and protection.

YHWH is the super hero who doesn’t sleep, saving the universe every star at a time. YHWH is justice but the word doesn’t even begin to measure the truth that YHWH has the right to not be right yet “YHWH is…”

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