#1 Torn Paper

Broken” is the mind soaken in the blood of strength. Drenched in the scent of powers greater than the knowledge of the human.

Brokenness is the path to the less of it, a journey through which only those who are willing to accept the truth can ‘become’.

For brokenness is an unravelling, a drill into the mine and mind of the human where pain is the sculptor’s weapon to forge fine gold images, a reflection of sojourning unto truth; and broken pieces are separated points where truth hits weakness and the realisation that “weakness is not brokenness” is born; for broken locks are doors, unlocked, and broken bones are gores that clock the human from prior-weakness to the understanding of it, a strength.

Embrace brokenness when it comes, broken bits of the human being are for strength.

That there is no need to fret but pry into that which holds you back from becoming all that you must be; for brokenness is an open door into the secrets of your humanity.

For brokenness is a test to attest your strength.

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