#7 Torn Paper: Forgiveness

Behold the authority of prayer: To relief and to release the debt of another.

For as the order is so, too, shall all the seeking be. To be answered is to answer; to reap is that you sow; to be heard is to listen; to have is to give; to be forgiven, is to forgive and to pray, is to have no prey.

For when you pray, as JESUS teaches, make peace – first – that the GOD of PEACE, YHWH, would dwell within your bones: a fortification without repentance or retreat.

Before you pray, say “I forgive”.

Say to the man; say to the woman; say to your foe and to your friend; say to the opposition, the rebellion and the hurt; say to yourself; say even unto GOD, “I forgive”.

Less of nothing
Less of nothing

Say to the spirit and to despair; say to the storm and to the beating of the drum; say to death and that great seperation; say to life, command against strife, “I forgive”; for forgiveness is a prayer unto repentance, a seed which sprouts in the day of judgement which is the harvest.

Prayer is the planting, forgiveness is the sowing. Amen.


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