#5 Torn Paper: Truth

It breathes beyond bounds. It has no bound nor is it bound by any bond save the oath to save itself.

Truth lives when it has been ambushed by death and that death which seeks to murder truth is that which uproots the creation of life and the sustainace of the lively essence of existence. For truth is beyond the reckoning when truth is the communing with reason.

Truth is a living being, a quickening spirit, a dimension of the universe, the Voice of God. And truth cannot be quenched, nor stopped nor cropped off or questioned to silence.

When truth is silent, truth watches. But truth is time conscious and time is bound by truth. Life is bound by truth. It is the fire that burns when no fire should burn. It is the miracle that lives through the anarchy of doubt. It is the force that cannot be stopped, the flood that is powerful to become sea on dry land.

Truth is as truth must be and truth must be for all to be.

Thus truth eases with peace and the peace of truth is the piece of truth which remains though the earth is washed away and the pillars of the heavens fall. I stand for truth and I understand that truth stands for those who stand by truth. I have known The TRUTH, I would show you. shālōm.

2 thoughts on “#5 Torn Paper: Truth

  1. And truth is a person.
    One that cannot be trapped in the frailty of time or shrunken in the weakness of human grasp. His name is Jesus, and He is the Christ.

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