#6 Torn Paper: Love

…and love is a voice,singing atop the oceans of despair and this spare nature is the sustainace of your humanity. The form in which all understanding should be formed in.

If you listen to Love’s song, you would not be stung and if you heed it’s words, you would not be killed by the swords of vengeance and grief.

For love speaks a harmonious thing far greater than hate and strife and love, mother of jealousy, protects from lies: the face of conceit and deceit.

When love speaks you would know and when love lives you would grow.

For love is a map but you could get lust (and lost) if you do not follow and love is a voice: if you listen you would not be “lust” in the tempest of want that consume your true desire for that which is eternal and unending: The creator’s thought of peace.


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