I’ll teach and show them that one day, they’ll write about YHWH.

It would be with different words and scenarios but they would all be about the same being.

No… YHWH isn’t grandma but YHWH would be present for every present-opening morning and would share your thoughts if you give; and would join you in laughter when you laugh and save your tears in hard memories while taking them away so that when you forget how it was, you can glance into the tear-jar and see that you “started from the bottom and now you are… “

I’ll show them the roads that lead to YHWH (some I have come to know): their desires, their thoughts, their musings, their oily fingers after meals, their hallelujahs, their breathing.

I’ll show them that YHWH is not locked up in a building or buried in a mountain…

…And that YHWH is a spirit, everywhere and can be met without the fear of absence.

You cannot hide from YHWH or hide anything from YHWH.

But I’ll prep them, YHWH would listen to their prayers as though they were new and would be there when their hearts ache and would lead them if they are willing and obedient to follow.

When they run away…sigh… I know they’ll try because I did try… I’ll teach them to know that YHWH doesn’t require them to be, YHWH is…

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