Digression #4 – Listening

For those who have listened – (and still do listen) to the heart-beat of GOD and dance(d) in the ambits of GOD’s shadow(s) and sit at the shade of GOD’s light and sleep in the arms of GOD’s strength – have come to understand that it is by duty that one must obey even when one doesn’t know why. There is a duty where you can do something but you wouldn’t – not from mediocrity or lack of motivation but – because GOD has not said that you should and until GOD says you should, you wouldn’t; even if you can. These are they who have seen it wise to become fools to men and judged by GOD: to appear to be loafers to humanity but lord by divinity.

When you have heard GOD’s heart-beat, even your greatest desire is made subject to GOD, forgoing the need; not because it is not lawful but that it is not expedient in the worship of GOD.

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