Digression #6 – Birthdate [08/09]

I was one of them, I won by them: the rebels who believe that usurping authority from teachers was to fly your shirt; flag your collar, bold; unbutton to uncover a dry chest and yes, frown because rebels who laughed were not taken seriously.

I was one of them, I was fond of them, the ability to be spontaneous, I wore my school batch only because I could hardly take it off. I did not like school uniforms sewn in red check clothing material. I hated the checks, they were never balanced, the thread would always come off because…becuase… Well… Because I played a lot.

I was one of them, I was a sum of them: tiny arms, talk-active lips, haircut the way of its own, eyes that saw but could not tell what it saw. Anyways, I am grateful for that time and this time and this date and birthdates and continuous circles which harvest the need to be grateful…

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