Can your faith be isolated and not go crazy? Can your faith answer it's own questions? Does faith give peace? Does your faith play it safe? Is your faith afraid, misdirected, abused and slandered and do you need to defend that which should lead you to safety? Is your faith a paradox when it isn't orthodox? Can your faith leave you in perdition?

Hell, Unclad

Hell is death by separation And death because of sin And sin is because of displeasure which Begets disobedience and disobedience is the gate of hell


Here's the challenge. If “hell” is just punishment then there is judgement and if there's judgement, then there is a scale for measurement of deeds and if there are deeds, they are either good or bad and these being established determine the finest of our kind or the lowest of our mind.


It is okay, to be uncertain in cases of heart or art or anything at all but what is sure is that in this puzzle, there is one who knows all these things and in the time which is right, they would be revealed.


For those who sin, and secretly do who come out with a pious mask, they have said, too, that there is no GOD. You’d think, although silly, that GOD respects the atheist for coming out openly without trying to deceive both self and attempt divine. If GOD is not in your thought, there is sin.


Without knowledge, there is no sin. But in the presence of knowledge, sin is refusal: the choice to debase and debate only to abase. “I know but I ignore” is what sin does.


Before the action, still in the inaction, you'll find sin. Sin is not just the motion, sin is also the emotion. Sin is not just the work, it is also the meditation.

Stabbing GOD

In disconnection we become unseen because sin hides us from GOD not just that we can't see HIM but HE cannot see that we have become this...unseen. It is not that GOD is blind or that we have gone off HIS mind but that we have chosen to become hard to find.