#8 Torn Paper – Hatred

Hatred is suffering /a thread off loving is great suffering/: a cloth woven in discord is hatred in the bud. If your mind is filled with the lack of love, the stark offering is that which is NOT from above.

For “hate” is beneath quitieseential humanity and hatred is hell and hell is separation from life and life which is filled with hatred is a field of dying crops; of lying corpse which are not buried. The filth of war, the guilt that reaps the core from the body.

For to hate is to die: to disconnect from the source of all existence because by love you were brought forth and by loving, you are bought: a fort unto upholding that which is true.

No seeker of truth or custodian of truth can hate and do so without the pain of going against the true nature.

For love is the breath BOTH of GOD and of the human and hate is…breathless, speechless, godless, formless and void earth…death. And those who love by hate suffer a rare strain of lack that cages their “soar” and clogs their roar.

To hate is to suffer the lack of the essence of life.


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