#10 Torn Paper: Love

THAT is the commandment!

Love: breathe by loving, love in living, live by loving, love in breathing.

By love, GOD, created you, by love, GOD sanctified you, by love GOD guards you and guides you; by Love, GOD breathes upon you a newness of life. By love is life. It is by love that you commune with God.

GOD doesn’t speak the thought-language of hate.

GOD, in love, chastises. It is the human who has learnt to speak in hate and live in hate…and sadly, love by hate.

The breath of GOD is love.

The sacrifice that suffices in every motion of creation and redemption and salvation and emotion and godliness.

Love is the stain of GOD’S dusty-hands on your skin. Love is your skin, love is your kin. LOVE is your being.

Love is GOD. Therefore, Life is love.

Love-less is godless is lifeless is dead.


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