GOD’sBondMan: One [Nothing]


GOD likes “nothing”. HE likes the concept of nothing because in the terms of “everything”, “nothing” is the presence of opposition (to being); and repulsion that hungers for a revolution of creation.

Nothing is a test of HIS might, the best of HIS sight when HE brings forth the light out of nothing.

How else can HIS signature be felt – and authentically so – unless it is written on a desolate situation? How else is light tested, best, except when introduced to the absence of it (darkness) and how else is colour felt except when introduced to the place which had no colour?

Therefore, when it is impossible, yet, it is done, it is GOD who has signed upon it; signed upon desolation until it is a composition of perfection. In your desolate state, you can feel GOD when HE fills you because HE feels you…and to test the best of GOD is to watch GOD redeem light out of darkness or redeem worth out of the unWORTHy.

That, dear BondMan of GOD’s, is creation – ex nihilo: from nothing. From Nothing: everything is begotten and only in this stride is “nothing”, forgotten.

GOD’s signature is to form life out of death and form from the depths of the formless.

GOD likes beginning from scratch. Scratch that…HE is the beginning from the scratch. GOD makes a way from “no way”. No way! GOD is the way in a directionless space and speaking of races and the thirst to trace origins and reasons, GOD is the pace of the heart, the space and the art (of living), the grace and the pact of existence. GOD is the brace and that is why when it seems the walls are crumbling or in the bid of tumbling, it is GOD who is, actually, in the process of rebuilding. This is not just a statement of faith, it is a settlement of fate.

I am not hung on GOD because it is the most comfortable or laudable but because it’s the most plausible to peace and the fulfilment of ordinance.

From nothing, GOD formed me; from rumble and desolate space, GOD brought me; from painful and oppressive breathing, GOD bought me: every ounce of life is by GOD and there is no strife in this point of truth.

GOD makes sense out of the very nonsense of being and this is why, to many, the concept of “GOD” seemingly doesn’t make sense because it is only GOD who brings beauty out of ugly and stained impiousness.

6 thoughts on “GOD’sBondMan: One [Nothing]

  1. From nothing came something
    From darkness came Light
    From no sense of ‘being’ to every sense of being-in existence.
    Existence borne out of the very presence of God who holds it, rebuilding and remaking
    In it all, impossible is His best platform.
    Thank you for day one, more grace. Amen

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  2. Amen. Yes, “impossible” is what GOD likes the most; how else do we see the miracle of HIS glorious works than when they are done from desolation or from scratch? Thank you, Rose…

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