GOD’sBondMan: Two [Presence]


GOD is in the depth: deeper than there is to be seen; GOD is in the wreath, as though buried with the dirt and secrets and unkempt trusts we hope could be forgotten and left forever. GOD is in the breath: in and out – as a fragrance of healing, saturating the being with the vapour of worth.

GOD is in the living and all that live so that there is life because GOD is within: sometimes, weeding out and uprooting; burying and building; designing and creating even if it is in darkness; moulding and forming, plotting into providence and becoming – without seeking to be evidence.

GOD is and is in the unseen proof: the groaning, the brooding, the budding, the birth, rebirth and the birthing.

GOD is in the meat, the myth and the meeting of the intangible and tangible.

GOD is in the quaking, the making, the breaking for rebuilding; the waking, the unmoving challenge, the deadlock or the dead-looking lock unshaken by turning keys.

GOD is present where it hurts, when it burns, when it hurts.

GOD is in the darkness – not of it but within it. Even at the point of disorder and discord, the Spirit of GOD moves above the waters; above the turbulent wave(s), above the troubling and bubbling heat or pressure. GOD is present, GOD is the presence and GOD is the benevolence even in the most hopeless and desolate states and points where it looks legal to be depressed because all flickers of light and conscious solution are oppressed and suppressed; GOD is present, and if you let HIM, HE is your present.

In truely identifying GOD, HE is the leeway, the leading in the way, the profession of possible in impossible places.

GOD is here and there and everywhere, waiting and watching, listening and when the time is right, HE says, “Let there be light…”

2 thoughts on “GOD’sBondMan: Two [Presence]

  1. God is everywhere. Even in the very depth of hell. God is in the visible and invisible so God can never be far away. We are the ones who could go away, for God is not limited by anything. God is everywhere, in every moment, in every breath……

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