GOD’sBondMan: Three [Fort]


GOD, the divider, is the division of light and darkness, of life and death, of light and shallowness with burden and depth, of sound and silence, of memories and stillness, of aches and breaks, of limits and endless peace.

GOD is the middle point and pitcher where all things meet, the core or the door, the corridor by which all that is must channel through to be. GOD is the divide.

Truth be told, GOD is the judgement. “This is good!” or “this is bad…”; it is by GOD that all these are known.

GOD is the measure of morality, the reason for it, the reason not to forfeit “what is good”. The seasoning to the soup while remaining the soup as well. GOD is the discernment of and for decision, the unbroken cord that sieves the Thoughts and sits on the imaginations of women and men and creatures who are subject to the Will of life both to live or to leave.

It is GOD who calls forth and is called forth and for this. It is GOD who holds fort and is fort for fortitude of great fortress.

GOD is the steady progression, the steadfast procession, the motion, the source of emotion, the source that emotions were created to seek. GOD is the chain and cord, the mother’s arm which swaddles the bleeding but heart-beating baby, crying; the father’s evocation under whose stride, the earth quakes in delight and safety.

The eminence of GOD is to call from all rears the spheres that sooth all cares but it is also the authority to do this as much as it is the refusal to bend to the desire to do so until it is expedient.

GOD is the beat of heaven and by GOD is the wit of the earth.

As a result of this, GOD cannot be known enough; thus, the immeasurable and boundless entity of GOD is what stretches the eternities.

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