GOD’sBondMan: Four [Thought]


In the beckoning, I am GOD’s vision.

Therefore, GOD said to the us, “let us make man in our image and likeness”. Let us forge a force just like us to dwell upon the earth. Thus, “let us make GOD, the man”. A caretaker, a dressmaker and keeper, a reflection of “us”. A divine mechanism of dignity upon the earth. An assemblage of GOD, in dust, walking in the likeness of the image of GOD.

Yet, GOD is not black or white or Asian or Caucasian or mongoloid.

GOD is…core and essence and life and light-giver and the enlightened and the enlightening. GOD is not bound by race, the contour of the face or doubt on the firmness of the brace. GOD is the heaven of all those things; but, is GOD a diverse being, a confused composition, or a wavering storm devoid of singleness and oneness?


Actually, GOD comes to those HE comes to and in the ways that they can accommodate HIM. In lieu of dispute, GOD is the content filling up the content-keeper and it is by GOD that there is a content-keeper. Therefore, I – as man who is GOD’s image – am GOD’s imagination, HIS vision (powered by the spiritual resource), HIS animation, breathing and working.

As GOD is, so should I and to mock sin, as “GOD is”, so I hunger to be.

As “GOD is…” so I live to be and cleave to be and shall leave, too, even if it be a price to being. As a bondman of GOD’s (you’ll read this often), the fulfilment of my completeness is the attainment of the full stature of GOD’s form in me.

What is this form, which is formed out of former formless earth?

It is HIS thought. Why, I am GOD’s thought. Just as you are although we differ in countenance. I am GOD’s intention, I am GOD’s desire manifested upon the earth: A representation of truth, which is, the will of GOD upon the earth.

I should be GOD, the man.

By implication, as GOD dictates, I imitate. As GOD creates, I orchestrate. Therefore, I affirm that GOD is the music of my heart like the tides of the sea, watching the wave move as HE breathes…yes, GOD breathes.

As GOD breathes, so do I; as GOD loves, so shall I; and as GOD prays, so shall I.

For GOD prays not out of request (or debase divinity) but to command into being that which was nothing and void and formless. That ageless mechanism to converse with the uncreated until it is created, is the prayer which GOD prays.

Prayer is action, Prayer is manifestation, Prayer is unction but not volition.

As GOD dances into light, so shall I. As GOD divides times and seasons and evenings and mornings, so shall I abide. As GOD stretches the universe: each light year beholding a new Esperance of existence, so shall I create upon mind and dust and ground and earth and heart by art in awe or in oral obeisance.

As GOD is, so shall I be bound to be.

This is the bond to be as “GOD is”, as GOD wills, as GOD seals to be, as GOD tills upon the ground of my heart, as GOD yields into manifestation, as GOD fills both bosom and blossom. As GOD lives, I am…boundless only by this bond.

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