GOD’sBondMan: Six [Self]


The great enemy is ignorance: lacking the truth or ignoring it but for GOD’sBondMan, the greater enemy is SELF. Self: The ShELF of ego, reputation which is – to be in its purest state of corruption – in constant opposition of GOD; not just GOD – as the creator and the definition of truth, love and life by light – but the form of GOD within the human.

The greatest conquest to be made is to subdue self: to subject self to the truth, to object to the desire that leads to provocation; to eject the fire that burns contrary to the light of life which is GOD’s signature in you.

It is only self who knows how to fight GOD where it hurts. Who knows what to do to poke GOD in the eye and attempt to rubbish the vision of eternity. Who sees levity where there should be loyalty and who erupts strife against the life of GOD. This is the enemy.

But…Didn’t GOD create self? Didn’t GOD create everything? Didn’t GOD know that this self would revolt, be pivotal to rebellion upon the earth; that self would seek to pull down the peak of its existence simply to see what it was not shown? Did GOD not know that while HE formed self, self would be subtle and susceptible to lust after itself? Did GOD and didn’t GOD and shouldn’t GOD and wouldn’t GOD always?


And since GOD created self, it lives and since GOD created everything, there is relief but GOD created self to manifest the will of creation upon the earth just as GOD’s ordinance upon heaven. It is GOD who gave the patent of creation which is the free-will to self.

It says, “now, you can” but self, “would you?” and if so, “Self should you even if you could?” This is the ultimate deliberation because you can, would you even if you should not?

For the bondman of GOD’s, questions were created not from the lack of knowledge but for the fortification of it; yet, for self, it is a stride to know even if it is unto destruction. It is the pride that one can…so self would die if it can…and since it can, it would if for nothing to proof to GOD and all that watch that “I can and I would”. But self, “should you”?


The greatest and fiercest war is “your self”: what you own, what you can own and what you will own if you could…

The greatest temptation is ability, the greatest rivalry is audacity. The capacity to try, defile and imply as you wish.

It is also the desire to bend truth to your will, to will and do as it pleases your intention void of creation.

Perhaps this is the second intimation after creation. For the bondman who is aware and conscious of the bond of GOD upon them, “you can but if you shouldn’t then you wouldn’t“. This is the bond and the battle stems from this point:

would you since you can even if you shouldn’t?

4 thoughts on “GOD’sBondMan: Six [Self]

  1. True. Most times, due to corruption and the fall which we often subscribe to, self is in the constant habit of doing only those things which do NOT glorify GOD.


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