GOD’sBondMan: Seven [Rest]


I would love to sum up what I’ve learnt on the first week of this Journey:

GOD is in the business of transformation and not conformation such that in creation, GOD brings forth from nothing beautification from desolation.

GOD is present even when it seems there is no essence to be found. It is in the mostly unlikely places that GOD abides to grant HIS grace of restoration.

GOD is very conscious of placement and even in the establishment of HIS fulfilment in the heart of HIS creation, HE is concerned with putting all things in the right order and after their kind.

GOD made every thing to create a platform for an extension of HIS will. Much less of colonization, GOD is very interested in representation for an everlasting authority. HIS purposive will is that every one would be an extension of HIS Will upon the earth.

The fashion of GOD’sBondMan is the garment of light, the appearance of GOD’s Will and the renunciation of the opposition of GOD.

And this is so because in the stead of corruption, we – by self, flesh, dust and whatever name it goes by – become enemy to GOD when we live the way we want seemingly in the wrong guise of freedom.

That said, I would love to finally define the goal of the bondman of GOD’s, a bit:

The concept and journey to be GOD’sBondMan is not to fight the free-will of man.

GOD doesn’t endorse compulsion if not, there would be no place for salvation because there would be no rise of opposition to HIS Will.

Instead, the journey digs towards restoration, it gives meaning to supplication by affirming that the true communication with GOD is the willingness to be a duplication of HIS Will upon the earth. It says “my jurisdiction is only by GOD’s instruction”.

The goal is never to say, “you are worthless” but to point out the worth and the true worth of fulfilment which is found in the restitution to the pure order of living which is by loving GOD.

When we love GOD, we live by GOD and when we live by GOD, we have become as HE has always willed is to be, “GOD, the man”.

Furthermore, GOD deserves more than everything that we love HIM.

GOD’sBondman is not gender specific by saying, “man” to depict the male alone. In fact, it is to reiterate GOD creating man: male and female. Thus, there’s the female man and the male man. If GOD’sBondMan divides, it does so rightly: to divide the word of truth. It holds on to truth as the final say both in the day and at night.

For Truth is light both to the blind that they might have sight and see and to the right minded that they may be enriched to continue in goodness.

Therefore, as one who is breathing in concurrence with the master of the universe, who also doubles as master of my fate by faith in HIS Love, I rest on the seventh day, leaving the rest to another point of inspiration.


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